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Chris99xRealWorld Mod - the RL Mod for MWR1!

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  • Chris99xRealWorld Mod - the RL Mod for MWR1!

    The mod was made by Chris99x from the Wolverine Studios forums (not sure if he ever migrated over here) several years back, and is only playable within MWR1. This is the only copy of the mod I can find on my end, and there may be some randomly generated artists or random additions I added in the file (sorry about that!). Figured it was a better idea to make a thread on here so others can easily find and download the mod.

    Install Directions:
    Download the file below and extract it to your Wolverine Studios/Music Wars Rebirth/Files directory. In game open the editor, switch the database at the top to Chris99xRealWorld and you're ready to go!

    Download here:

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    lol I'm actually looking forward to playing this. It'll be fun to see the changes in the game.
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      acessed denied