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  • My suggestions for future updates and improvements

    Good day, antuan let me start off by saying that I love this game, there is so much potential and I can't wait to see what significant updates you have in store for us. Speaking of updates, I have some ideas that I'd like you to include in future updates if you want to and if possible.

    Starting off with adding Anniversary Albums, Remix Albums, Compilation Albums, Collaborations Albums, and Double Disc Albums.

    Anniversary Albums to celebrate the 5th, 10th, 20th, or 50th anniversary of an album, these albums can contain the original tracks but they don't get a major boost in streams because the fanbase already listens to them when they were first released or have them remastered to have a better sound quality (depends on the studio/producer you use for the remastering) which can grab the fanbase's attention that can result in the tracks getting additional streams/sales. The Album can contain additional new tracks and remixes.

    Remix Albums to increase the popularity of a chosen track and the artist/band themselves, They can contain remixed tracks from an album, maybe even multiple album releases or just one track you're promoting heavily like Ed Sheeran's 2step, that track alone has a remix album containing 14 remixed tracks with featured artists on them named 2step (The Remixes). Also, you can use new tracks to promote the remix album to boost sales like Michael Jackson's BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR/HIStory In The Mix Album, Michael used additional tracks to help promote the remix album to boost sales, and in turn, it became the best selling remix album of all time.

    Compilation Albums to release an album that contains tracks that did great on the charts, they can be titled "Greatest Hits Volume 1 or 100" (because death isn't a thing in the game... Yet?) or "Number 1 Hits". I myself believe that an Artist's death or A band that broke up would boost the sales of these albums but hey I'll leave it to the dev to come up with a way we can promote the albums so we don't create a loophole.

    Collaborations Albums, this is what I'm most eager to be implemented into the game. Let's say you "Collaborate" with and talk to an Artist/band so many times that you guys became best friends, this friendship can open the option for the player to make an Album with the artist/band you became best friends with, like Bruno Mars And Anderson .Paak's An Even With Silk Sonic Album, the two even created a Collab Group named Silk Sonic, which was also done by Kanye West and Kid Cudi named KIDS SEE GHOSTS, if you can please make collab groups have their own Streamify profile to release new music under when they collab again in the future. I'd love for that to be an option in-game in the near future.

    Double Disc Albums or Double LP Albums, I don't really have much to say on this but please make this one an option if you can, thank you.

    Now the improvement side of things and additional content:

    The DJ Needs Some Improvements
    Make the ability for DJs to sing and rap optional, I personally want my DJ to be involved in the writing and producing of the songs only (like DJ Snake, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, and Marshmello) and pay artists or bands to be featured on the tracks to deal with the Singing and Rapping parts of the songs while the DJs deal with the production and writing (like DJ Khaild, Metro Booming, and Benny Blanco) so basically, the DJs can make the instrumentals of any genre (from the experience he gained from working said genre) and hire artists to add vocals on them to create a song. The DJs can receive offers to remix other artists' songs from the artists themselves.

    Add Additional Music Genres
    For the DJs; Drums & Bass, Trance, Trap, Techno, House, Dubstep, and EDM (Singers can also do EDM as well).
    Alt R&B, Synth Pop (adding the Synthesizer as an instrument as well), Funk, Melody Rap, Cloud Rap (both Rap genres should require the artist to know how to sing and rap), Latin Rap, Latin Pop, Opera, and Pop Rock.

    Being Able To Customise The Band Members
    This would be great to have in the game because in most instances when I'm playing and hiring band members they tend to have multiple eyes and pupils and it's like having creatures in the band XD.

    The Band Is Able To Create Subgroups To Focus On Solo Projects
    For Example. A Teen Pop group can have a member or members form a subgroup to create music from different genres without breaking up, they can go on hiatus for the time being.

    Have The Option To Delete Or Rename Written/Unreleased Songs
    This is what I really want because whenever I do a "Collaboration" with another artist or band I end up having two songs, which I don't like cause it doesn't reflect reality, I wouldn't mind changing the name of the song but the game doesn't have that either so I had to release it on the Deluxe Edition of the album.

    Collaboration And Features Should Be Two Separate Things
    Collaborations on songs should be like this: Light Dreams By Forsaken Plan With. London And Final Front.
    Features on songs should be like this: Light Dreams By Forsaken Plan Feat. London And Final Front.
    The Collab songs should be about multiple artists/bands coming together to create a song or songs from scratch, a feature should be about including an artist/band to hop on an already written or produced song to do a chorus or etc. The collab song can be both yours and the artist/band you did the collab with and can be added to both of their albums and Streamify Profile Pages increasing streams numbers and popularity, Like Metro Booming's latest song Creepin With The Weeknd, and 21 Savage, that one song can be viewed on the three of their Spotify Profile Pages.

    Being Able To Learn To Play Instruments

    Have your solo artist or band learn to play an instrument and if not multiple of them.

    Being Able To Hype Up An Upcoming Single or Album Before It Comes Out
    You can do this at interviews, concerts, and Tours by making your Artist perform it at one of the three.

    That's almost all of the ideas I have in mind, let me know if these are cool or straight-up buttcheeks.

    Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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    Highly useful suggestions.


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      Originally posted by Darneyboy View Post
      Highly useful suggestions.
      I have a song that keeps going recurrent on the streaming chart but it's not on my top 5 popular songs.....

      Allow the chart stats count towards hall of fame
      Like most weeks at Home
      Most weeks on charts
      Just some offline competition 🤕🤕

      Also add first week sales
      .... Also the videos don't show 1.1b, 1.2b,etc..🙂.... And can we have like a following /subscriber /monthly listeners chart with artists in the game
      The social media should have a better ratio


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        Originally posted by Darneyboy View Post
        Highly useful suggestions.
        I have many more in mind but next time I'll include them here when I have the time


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          Alright, here are some extras I currently have in mind:

          More Award Categories, include Best Rap Performance, Best Singing Performance, and Best Vocal Performance for singing and rapping. For the producing side of things, Best Production.

          More Indie/Alt Elements, like extra Labels and Promotions in this section of the music world. More labels but they would be indie/alt types that focus on getting artists that produce music in that genre and new artists that are just starting out, these labels can be stepping stones to potentially signing to mainstream labels. The promotions must be split into 2 categories, Indie Promos, and Mainstream Promos, even when you're signed to an Indie/Alt Label you yourself can pay for the mainstream promos (if you have the cash of course) to promote your release.

          Labels Must Have Their Own Studios, this would be great because I tend to struggle when I start a new game while paying rent for my home and worrying about my health.

          Additional Genres, House, Experimental Music, Soundtrack, Lo-fi, Contemporary Blues, Country Rap, Country Soul, Country Rock, Grime, Glitch Hop, Glitch Pop, Dark Ambient, Dub Music, Chill Out, Electro Pop, Vaporwave, Horrorcore, Jazz Rap, Turntablism, Kpop, Jpop, Christian Pop, Bubblegum Pop, Pop Rap, Psychedelic, Dancehall, and Alternative Folk.

          The Option That Allows Us To Create Other (NPC) Artists To Collab With, Instead of just renaming existing NPC artists/bands how about giving the option to create new ones to fill up our music world with more artists that produce more music with genres that other NPCs in-game aren't making (like soft rock, hard rock, art rock).

          ​​The Streaming Numbers Should Get A Temporarily Boost Depending On The Promos Selected, This would add some realism to the Streamify platform. If you use the "Word Of Mouth" promo, this shouldn't increase your streaming numbers (just by a thin bit) since this promo is targeted to your fanbase who is following your socials, any other promos should cause your streaming numbers to increase (depending on how well it's doing on the singles/albums charts) and then go back to normal when the single/album leaves the charts. This can increase your following in the process but not too big tho.

          This is it (for now) so let me know if you guys think these are great or not, have a good day everyone.


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            Hello everyone, back for round 3 so let's begin.

            There Should Be A 2 Tier System In The Game. this gives players the option to choose if they want to be an Underground/Indie Artist/Band or Mainstream Artist/Band, on my last post I mentioned this about the Indie/Mainstream Promos and this is where that Idea can be put to good use because I personally, would like to create a mix of indie and Mainstream artists/Bands.

            Adding Tattoos and Makeup. It would be a great addition to the game.

            Have A Mailbox For Label Deals. The Label deals pop-ups are very annoying and I'd love it if you could add a mailbox that highlights the number of record deals Labels are sending you and they have a time limit on it will expire.

            Being Able To Hire Producers or Be Your Own Producer. I think it would be great to do this since you can develop your music-producing skills.

            Indie and Mainstream Charts Along With A Worldwide Chart. Indie charts to show how well the music produced by Indie/Underground artists and music released by artists assigned by Lowbuget Labels are doing, Mainstream charts for music released by Rising/Super Stars signed by Mainstream Labels or (if you're using your credit card) the players who can afford the Mainstream Promos. If this is not too much work please add charts per genre like Pop Charts, Hiphop Charts, Dance Charts, R&B Charts, Electro Charts (for Ambient and Lounge Music), Country Charts, Folk Charts, Funk/Soul Charts, etc, All of these can enter the Worldwide Albums/Singles charts that show records that are popping off all over the world displaying the total sales of each single and albums.

            Adding B-sides And Making A Single Contain Upto 3 Songs. Making a single contain more than 1 song like b-sides (that contains 2 songs for a single) and the option to add 3 songs to a single (like the main original song, A remixed version of the song, and an Instrumental of the song).

            Releasing A Standalone Track That Isn't Ment To Be Released As An Promo Single For An Album. The Title speaks for itself.

            Why does Adding Features To A Written Song Degrades It? In some cases, my song quality takes a nosedive when I add features to it, I get Terible as a rating when it's released and it doesn't sell well because of it, I'd love for you to fix that thank you.

            Fusion Of Different Genres In One. I'd call this "Genre Mashup" in which you can combine multiple genres (or elementals of a genre with another genre) Together as one.

            And Lastly:

            Creating Your Own Label. You can't be Indie without having an outlet to release your own music right?... Well, today you can find many ways to, but I think this would be an EPIC to implement in the game and be able to sign artists to it. That would be a dream come true but I personally doubt it will happen, but who knows maybe in another game perhaps?

            I think I've milked my brain dry of Ideas right now so all I can do is hope for the best and that these suggestions are implemented in the future, Have a good day everyone.


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              Good day everyone, I'm back but it will be short though.

              Make Death An Option. Giving the player the ability to choose whether they want their characters to die.

              Mixtapes. Adding this would be great.

              Deluxe EPs. Another great option that needs to be added.

              360 Contract Deals. Even though I'm ok with the contracts in-game this would be an excellent addition.

              More Contracts With Higher Advances Than 11 Plus Million. Speaks for itself.

              More Residents Along With Cars, Jets, Boats, And Bikes.

              Give Us The Option To Carry Our Progress/Musicians' Data To Different Devices Via Google Play Games Login.
              I lost my data once and would be happy if you can add this to the game.

              These are my 2 cents in the meantime, I could be back with more someday but until then have a good day.


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                Good day everyone, I have some more ideas but it's more on the things we can do if our Artist died, or a band member (or more) died/ decided to leave the band.

                Posthumous Albums. Starting off with the solo artists, they'll be able to release music after their death via Creativity Points they have left over, each song will consume 1 point when written, and even though the residence can give us these points per week, it's up to the devs if they want us to keep receiving points or not when the artist is dead. When we've run out of creative points, here are the options that can be implemented in the game to get more; Watching ads to receive points, purchasing more through the in-game store, or just closing the chapter on your artist's music career and providing a library on the main menu that contains artists and bands that are no longer making music, that we can tap on to show us all the things they'd achieve throughout their music career (like how much records they've sold, the number of hits they've accumulated, the albums/singles and their sales numbers, best selling album/ep, best selling single, highest chart-topping song/album, most streamed songs/albums and many more).
                For the bands, there are many ways a band can stop making music (like if the charisma bar on a member reaches 0 and I've never seen that happen in my playthroughs) and ways to solve it, if a bandmember decided to leave the band or they died, you can either hire a new bandmember, carry on without them, break the band up to create a new group or make the Main Vocalist/Frontman go solo or just break the band up for good. After that, they can release their compilation albums or Posthumous albums. If the devs want to add an option to resurrect then sure that's good for people who want to keep their artists/bands alive or they can just (I mentioned this in my last post) give us the option where we can create a game with no death in it just like right now.

                This is all for today, let me know what you think, and have a good day.


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                  Good day everyone, back again with some more ideas and I'm thinking about expanding on previous ones to make it more detailed with extra information in the future, so let's begin.

                  Live Albums, recorded at a concert before an audience, the new Live skill can determine the quality of the album if it's high enough that it touches 100, the album will be rated Amazing by the critics.

                  Giving Songs Different Types Of Tempos, These can be summed up into 4 categories; Slow, Medium, Fast, and Very Fast. I'd like to have my Artist/band create a ballad type Album or Track and after that, an upbeat and fast driven Album or Track, with this option in-game, you can diversify your albums with tracks with different tempos to them, giving some of them a sad/love ballad pop type sound, a happy/sad upbeat type or a dramatic fast pace type of sound.

                  Writing Preludes (Intros) Interludes (A Transition Point Between 2 Songs) and Postludes (Outros) For Albums/EPs, I'd like to have my Artists' records have Intros, Outros, and along with Intermissions so it feels like the album is telling a story to the listeners, and speaking of telling a story-

                  Give The Albums/EPs Subjects To Choose From, Just like the songs, you can choose a subject for them so why not the same for the Albums and EPs? With this, your records tell a story based on the subject you selected when putting together the tracks for them.

                  Now I want to expand upon Some stuff I previously posted many weeks ago.

                  Fusion Of Different Genres In One (Expanded), Let's just say that you've learned how to create songs from different genres (For Example, Dance-Pop and R&B) you can create a song that combines elements from those 2 genres (or more) to produce a Dance-Pop/R&B song? This allows the song to be eligible for nominations in "Best Pop", "Best R&B", and "Best Club Song", But one of the genres must be the main genre for the song while having elements from different genres.

                  That's all for tonight, folks, see you all next time and have a good one.